2014 Nuclear Security Summit (NSS)

In March, the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit came to The Hague, The Netherlands.  Although it was a great deal of work, it was an awesome experience to be a part of such an historic event, in which 58 world leaders descended upon the city for the summit. 

I was largely busy with support for the President and the Secretary of State, but a host of others arrived as part of the U.S. delegation, including the Secretary of Energy and the National Security Advisor.  

Below are a handful of pictures of me working in support of the visit…enjoy!


Greeting Secretary of State, John Kerry plane-side during his arrival in Amsterdam.



In front of Air Force One with a Dutch SWAT team, just before a Presidential motorcade we were to support.



Nice shot of the President’s limousine, with his helicopter (Marine One) in the background, as he arrived after bi-lateral talks with Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte.


It’s difficult to get much closer than this to a Presidential motorcade.



In front of Air Force One with a Military Working Dog and her handler; they were providing Explosives Detection support for the visit.



The President’s limousine (a.k.a., “The Beast”) as we offloaded it from a C-17, days before the summit.



Our Air Attaché (Col John McDevitt, USAF) and me in front of the President’s helicopter, just after we got back from a rehearsal flight, days before the summit.



Scheveningen (a small seaside resort near The Hague), taken during the rehearsal flight with the President’s Helicopter Squadron (HMX-1).



Presenting a small gift from The White House to Simon Lobrij, Manager of the KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) Jet Center at the Rotterdam/The Hague airport, for his support of the Presidential visit.

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Libby’s View of a Walk to the Park (Libby-cam)

The other day I attached a GoPro camera to Libby’s collar before taking her and Molly on a walk to the park. This clip is us starting the wlk from our house to the Haagse Bos (a large park in The Hague, The Netherlands).

The view from the camera gave me a little hint of what life is like from her perspective. I got some hilarious footage, some of which you can see here. I’ll post more videos (as well as some videos from a Molly-cam), as soon as I put them together.

For the best viewing experience, watch in HD (either 720p or 1080p); just click on the little gear icon at the bottom right of the video screen to select the video quality. Enjoy!

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My Philosophy

Hannah Crashed Out on the Couch“Each day I strive to live my life more simply, to long for nothing more than something to eat and drink, the joy of companionship, and a comfortable place to rest.  For me, it’s an effort; for my dogs, it’s natural.  I admire them for that.”

~ Jim Foster

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The Geographical Bachelor

Geo BachelorAs I write this, I am sitting in my house in the Netherlands.  I am pondering my Navy career and what it has meant.  I think of what I have accomplished.  I think of the people I helped and mentored along the way, and of those who helped and mentored me.  But the thing that weighs most heavily on my mind, is the time Continue reading

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Herfst in het Haagse Bos (Autumn in the Hague Forest)

img_4936I walk through the park, my faithful companion by my side.  More than a dog, he is my life.  Nose to the ground, he drinks in the myriad of wonderful smells.  He is oblivious to all else in this moment; he is beautiful.  Perhaps he understands it best; Continue reading

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A Working Dog Poem

MWD OliviaGod Summoned a Beast from the Field

And He said, Behold man, created in My image. Therefore, adore him.

You shall protect him in the wilderness, shepherd his flocks, watch over his children, accompany him wherever he may go;
even unto civilization. Continue reading

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The Digital Age and Family

TechnologyAs I write this, I am already late in getting ready for work, so I’ll simply type a few thoughts to scratch the surface of the topic.

We have come a long way.  In days past, families lived together and saw each other every day.  Continue reading

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Donate a Bag of Dog Food to a Shelter


I just found this cool website, www.lendafreehand.com, where you can purchase dog food and for every bag you buy, they will donate a bag of dog food to a shelter.  Cool, huh?

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Random Thoughts

The ThinkerOkay, so I started this blog with…well, a thought.  Being totally new to the idea of a blog, I had (read: still have) no idea of where I wanted to go with it, how to do it, or even what to do with it.  You see, I am a forty-something who (when it comes to computers) is not very savvy.  Actually, writing that I’m not very savvy implies a little knowledge, whereas I have none.  Sure, I know how to operate a computer (i.e., turn it on, look things up on the Internet, etc.), but beyond that I am lost, and when it comes to creating a website or a blog — forget it. Continue reading

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Easy Pineapple Salsa

IMG_2031Pineapple Salsa

1 small onion
250g pineapple
15g cilantro
Juice from 1/2 lime
1 tbsp Tapatío hot sauce
1 tsp (combined) garlic powder, salt, black pepper, and dried parsley Continue reading

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