Charities We Support

Best FriendsBest Friends Animal Society

ASPCAAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals



2 Responses to Charities We Support

  1. Run A Muck Ranch says:

    May I also recommend you look into (US Support at


    Helping soldiers on the front lines bring their battle buddies home.


  2. fosterpack says:

    Thanks. We’ll definitely look more into these rescues. I’ve seen first hand the difference one can make in a dog’s life when “adopting” one on the battlefield. In my last tour, we had several dogs on our forward operating base that had been rescued from horrible conditions. Those same dogs wound up guarding the compound; they were great.

    Five or six years ago, it was much more difficult to get these dogs home, but with the awareness raised by charities like these it’s become much easier.

    ~ Jim


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