15 Things My Dog Taught Me About Being a Better Human

  1. Make the time. Always take that extra car ride or walk, no matter how worn out from the day you may feel. When the time comes that your friend is no longer with you, I guarantee you’ll wish you’d spent more time together.
  1. Be true to your family. We all have our faults, but they are easily overlooked; never let those faults come between you and those you love. In the end, your pack is all that matters.
  1. Life is short. Don’t waste energy dwelling on the negative when there are so many good things in life to enjoy. Do something fun every single day. It doesn’t matter what you do, just find one thing that brings you pleasure and do it; savor the moment as if it were your last.
  1. Feel the wind. Stick your head out the window of a moving car at least once. When you do, you’ll discover what your dog enjoys so much about it. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best.
  1. Never let your dog get fat. You may think you’re showing them love them with that food, but it’s unfair to your dog and will only shorten his/her life, causing unnecessary discomfort. Instead, love them with an extra walk or car ride – something they’ll appreciate much more than that extra treat, and something that’s much more healthy for the both of you. Don’t have the time? See lesson number 1.
  1. Take a nap. We all took naps as little children, and in kindergarten there was even a dedicated nap time. Then, for some strange reason, we seem to leave them behind. Your dog knows all about naps; rediscover what you’ve forgotten.
  1. Sleep with your dog. It may not be practical for everyone, but if you can, do it. There is nothing more enriching after spending the day together (or apart, for that matter), than to curl up together at night with the one(s) you love.
  1. Swear off the leash. There are times we need them for the safety of our dogs, but endeavor to spend more time where and when they’re not needed. You and you dog will be much happier for it.
  1. Puppy breath. There is no sweeter smell on earth.
  1. Be happy. Food, water, and a little bit of companionship go a long way. The rest comes in the form of life…sunshine, rain, the environment around you, and those within it. Embrace life and all it has to offer. Don’t look to what you want, look to what you have, and cherish it, for it’s more precious than you realize.
  1. I will always have dog hair on my clothes. It’s a simple fact of life with a dog that I’ve resided myself to, and a tell tale sign of those who share their lives with these amazing beings.
  1. We have not domesticated dogs; they have enslaved us. We house, feed, and bathe them. We buy them gifts, dress them in clothes, take them for walks, and even pick up their poop. That said, I still believe we are richer for it.
  1. Get outside. Life is far better, and far simpler under an open sky.
  1. Humans may be intelligent, but dogs are wise. We can do math, build buildings, and escape the surly bonds of earth, but in the process, we have done damage to our planet; ourselves. Dogs, on the other hand, have mastered life…learning what really matters to be happy, healthy, and survive as a species; we stand to learn a lot from them.
  1. And finally, what I embrace today as my life’s philosophy. “Each day I strive to live my life more simply, to long for nothing more than something to eat, the joy of companionship, and a comfortable place to rest. For me, it’s an effort; for dogs, it’s natural. I admire them for that.”
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