My Philosophy

Hannah Crashed Out on the Couch“Each day I strive to live my life more simply, to long for nothing more than something to eat and drink, the joy of companionship, and a comfortable place to rest.  For me, it’s an effort; for my dogs, it’s natural.  I admire them for that.”

~ Jim Foster

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2 Responses to My Philosophy

  1. Curtis says:


    Man retirement is wonderful,
    Especially at 47.
    I was chasing after my second star way to long, never got it, forced to retire because of the 26 years HYT rules.
    What I know today, I really wish I would have retired at 20 years, six years chasing after rank was not worth it. Some people stay around the military until they are old and shortly after retirement they are no good to anyone Today I am retired and living in wonderful Thailand and traveling all over, but most of all I am doing all with my family now, no more military and restrictions.
    So don’t stay to long brother, finish your tour and go home and be with your family, retirement pay is good!


    • fosterpack says:

      Hey Brother,

      Thanks for the comments. I totally agree with you and I’m doing everything I can to hang it up after this next tour. If I can, I will definitely retire after the Bahamas. I’m still planning on coming to see you on my way there, if I can. Stay safe and stay in touch!



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